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TIC TAC Packaging Products Co. Ltd.

Make better business - with best range
- direct from manufacturers

Welcome to TIC TAC - we help you to make better business.
Improve your competition and flexibility.
Let TIC TAC bring you the best range, directly from manufacturers in Asia.

TIC TAC offers

  • Offer a competitive range of disposables and packaging.
  • Direct from manufacturers to wholesalers and big consumers all over the world.
  • Management with 40 years experience in packaging & disposables, 25 years in sourcing Asian manufacturers.
  • Small and flexible organization, with focus on sales, customer support and technical information solutions.
  • Focus on contacts with manufacturers, logistics, product development and quality control.

Contact Us

    ADD:Room 2205 , Tian Heng Business
    Mansion Binsheng Road No.1509 ,
    Binjiang District , Hangzhou , Zhejiang , China
    Postcode: 310051
    Tel: +86 571 56236311


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